Fortitude in Fragments

 Restoration / Mural / Textile / Embroidery / Collage 


In 2016 I was part of a group of makers and creators that travelled to Sri Lanka with the RTX project. On this trip I had many wonderful opportunities, one such was meeting Chula and his wife, who are owners of The Santana Guest House, in Tangalle, Sri Lanka.  The guesthouse was almost completely destroyed by the Tsunami of 2004. With the intention of creating positive impact, we helped re-paint and restore the guesthouse to working condition. 

Chula said 'I thought the ocean was my friend, and now I'm not so sure.' In order to revisit positive embraces from the ocean, I helped facilitate the painting of ocean splatter and reintroduced textures from the sea in the walls of the space.  Further, I constructed micro-environments in the form of embroidered fabrics that attest to the architectural elements of the home that withstood the power of nature and perservered, much like the owners. 


Fortitude in Fragments. Stitching ring. 15 x 15 inches.


Sarah Kaushik (The Big Eyed Collagist) and I spent some time on the road together sending back and forth a series of collages. This enabled us to have a visual conversation about the Rodiya tribe, an untouchable social group among the Sinhalese community in Sri Lanka in dialogue with contemporary women's oppression.