Net fabric / Embroidery thread / String / Ice 



This series of works are material explorations in order to answer the question of feelings and what forms that they can inhabit. 

My final piece addressed my biggest fear, that of losing my parents. The installation was an attempt at preserving the details of their faces through hand-stitched embroidery, based off scanned images of their faces. The embroidery was encased in ice along with Hindi words of a chant that was omnipresent in our home, which translates to; ‘Mother, Father. With whom shall I seek refugee? You are irreplaceable.’ 


To Release You. Fabric in Ice. Emily Carr University.  



Propelled by the unexpected loss of my grandmother at the beginning of the semester,  this project focused on the absence of ritual acknowledgment and the silence around feelings of grief and sorrow that were overwhelming aspects to navigate in relation to the geographic distance from my home. 

Performing my own ritual by eco-dying markers of the present (collected leaves and flowers) through the process of steaming. I used Indigo dye, and shibori dying techniques as well as an experimentation with Cochineal bugs (red dye) to treat various found fabrics. 


Fragility / stRENGTH 

In the second iteration of the project, I focused on documenting the dance between fragility and strength by reinforcing fabric pieces with plaster and string. The piece had to be experienced by moving around the constructed monument, in a circular form.